About Us

About Gawler Riverside ELC
  • A welcoming place that engages each child.

    Gawler Riverside Early Learning Centre has been servicing the Gawler Community for more than 20 years trading in that time as Riverside Child Care, Pebbles Child Care, ABC Child Care, and recently Judy’s Early Learning and Child Care. Now under new ownership Gawler Riverside is dedicated to enhancing the existing fantastic child care that has previously been delivered with quality educational programs for all age groups.

    It is a widely recognized that children who have access to quality education programs in the early years gain greater social and cognitive skills which deliver improved  opportunities for prosperity and opportunity later in life. In support of this Gawler Riverside has a strong focus on education for children at all ages, working with families to promote age appropriate development opportunities to directly meet this aim.

  • Friendly atmosphere plus quality children care.

    With a strong local reputation for the quality of care being provided to the children, Gawler Riverside ELC operates close to capacity at most times.

    Having recently reduced opportunity for after school care to enable full focus on children’s learning through a full day program, Gawler Riverside presently has some additional vacancies available in the younger age groups. Parents interested in gaining a place for their children with us should direct enquiries to director@grelc.com.au

  • Our Philosophy.

    The Gawler Riverside Early Learning Centre respects children’s right to quality holistic early learning experiences. We believe care and education are intrinsically linked to provide each child opportunity to realise their own potential in an open inquiry based learning environment. We strive to deliver these same learning opportunities regardless of their time in attendance or age knowing that at every moment, at every age, all children have their own wondrous capacity for learning to be nurtured.


    Children feel how adults treat them and give importance to their ideas and activities. At Gawler Riverside children are given the freedom to create their own experiences. We strive to support children’s learning through play to encourage new possibilities by supporting self-expression, curiosity, wonder, amazement and fun.


    Reorganisation of children’s knowledge occurs with continual exposure and exploration of their own ideas and images. At Gawler Riverside we believe in a collaborative and inclusive child centred environment that is reciprocal and responsive to children’s needs. One that nurtures and encourages holistic development of the child through an environment that is safe, stimulating and promotes positive relationships for all


    Gawler Riverside emphasises the exchange of ideas between children, staff and families. We believe we are a community of learners and collaboration with families is an integral part of a child’s learning, development and wellbeing. We endeavour to integrate experiences that reflect diverse cultural characteristics, traditions, and viewpoints represented in our community, and through this respect the family goals for their children.